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The Dr. Ambedkar School was established in Sajokaza in 2007 under the auspices of the Jai Bhim Community. The school’s aim is to open up the possibility of further education in communities where the percentage of school leavers is less than 1%.

With the help of the Open Society Foundation and the Maltese Relief Service, the building designed by architect Margit Pelényi opened in Sajókaza. The number of adults who have completed primary education in the last 13 years is 113. In our school, 114 people have passed a school-leaving examination in a subject.

The school moved to a new building in Miskolc in 2016 with the support of the Badur Foundation. The expansion of the building was supported by the Vice President of the Republic of India, Hamid Ansari and his wife Salma Ansari.

In 2018, with the support of the Hungarian Government, the Martin Luther King College was opened to support the work of the school. The ribbon was cut by Félix Farkas, the National Assembly’s Roma nationality advocate.

The public education contract of Dr. Ambedkar School expired on 31 August 2020. The Ministry of Human Resources will not extend the contract and will not conclude a new one with the school’s operator. At the same time, the Ministry has cut operating subsidies for other educational institutions that serve disadvantaged students, such as the Wesley János School and the True pearl Art School in Berettyóújfalu.

Support for the operation of the Dr. Ambédkar school::

Account owner:
Jai Bhim Triratna Buddhist Community (the school’s governing body)
7623 Pécs, Szabadság út 19-21.

Name of the financial institution holding the account:
Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.

Payment Reference Number:

International Bank Account Number (IBAN):
HU52 1200 1008 0015 6776 0010 0009


Dear Donor! The school has reached HUF 5 million, thank you, – the school needs an additional HUF 25 million for its annual operations.

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology has already taken steps a year ago to finance the school by transforming the Dr. Ambedkar School into a technical school, so that our students can obtain a vocational qualification in addition to their school-leaving certificate. To this end, the institution has received modern furniture, a computer park and development equipment from the ITM, as well as support from the We belong here Association and the Roma Education Fund. The transformation into a technical school has also taken place, but due to a change in legislation, our school will only be able to join ITM from 2021. The school cannot receive normative support for its vocational orientation year. This means that the institution will lose around 18 million forints.

Over the years, our school has launched a scholarship scheme with the Roma communities we work with, called Manumissio, based on individual donations from a number of individuals. Manumissio website:

Manumissio inter amicos scholarship fund:

Name of the financial institution holding the account:
Magnet Magyar Közösségi Bank Zrt.

Account owner:
Dr. Ámbédkar ifjúsági Egyesület,
3532 Miskolc, Tátra utca 2.
3720 Sajókaza, Sólyom telep 7-9.

Payment reference number:

International Bank Account Number (IBAN):
HU56 1620 0106 1161 6685 0000 0000


Dear Donor! The scholarship fund has reached HUF 900,000, which is enough for one month’s scholarship for 30 students, thank you – we would like to make our scholarship fund available to more students in the coming months, and we are asking for your continued support.